🙏 Monday Night Prayer | 7-8pm in Bingham 013

This time of regular, communal prayer provides an open space for us to bear each others' burdens and to give and receive prayer. Monday night prayers are designed to be free-form, with a blend of individual and group prayer sessions, on topics which may vary from small-scale community events, family/friends,to larger-scale current events.

🍞 Tuesday Fellowship Dinner | 5-6:30pm at Slifka Center

Regular dining hall meals with friends! Meet us for the first time or meme with us weekly. Joke or inquire, or sit and rest quietly in our company. We always have a seat for you.

🙌 Thursday Night Large Group | 9-10:30pm at LC 317

We believe that as Christians, we are called to spend time with one another as fellowship - sharing prayer requests and praise reports, playing games, and eating good food with the whole church! It is our prayer that we can follow the example set by the early Church and create a communtiy that loves and gives freely just as Christ did for us. Come out and join us for fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ!

🏀 Friday Night Hangout | 9:30pm at BK Basement

Come join us Friday nights starting at 9:30 in Berkeley basement for a time to relax and grow in fellowship after a long week of studying and working! Stop by for boardgames, Jackbox, basketball, pool, ping pong, good conversation, and so much more!

Sunday Service | 1-3pm at United Church of Westville

Join us for worship, fellowship, and growth at Sunday Service. We worship in the style of contemporary Christian music, and convene for a delicious fellowship lunch after service. Food is provided through the generosity of UCW's Korean Ministry.

The United Church of Westville is located about ten minutes away from campus. Rides will depart from Payne Whitney Gym at 12:20 and 12:40.

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